What to Cause SEO Strategies to Fail?

11 Apr

What to Cause SEO Strategies to Fail?

You may ask why your SEO strategy fail? There are a lot of causes of the failure of an SEO strategy. Thus, if you want to make sure that the strategy of your SEO is successful, you have to be able to avoid the causes by being very careful in creating the strategy or choosing the SEO provider to hire. You should remember to only hire the best provider to provide you with the best seo services singapore.

Here are some of the causes why SEO strategy that you apply does not work or even leave a bad impact on your website:

1. Having a bad website

This is a reality that often occurs in the era of Google algorithm, panda and penguin. Nowadays, SEO is not just about the backlinks that much but more than that, now google bot also see the quality of your website. You must have quality content to be able to win the attention of google. In addition, Google also pays attention to user activity on your website and social media. If you do not have content that is preferred by your user or an ugly look and navigation, chances are your website will get in trouble in the SERP, especially google.

2. Using the old SEO tactics

Google search engine algorithms or other search engines are always changing from time to time because it is done SEO tactics have also changed over time adapted to the changes in search engine algorithms. Not up to date SEO campaign can adversely affect the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) your website, always doing SEO campaign up to date to keep your website SERP position.

3. Choosing a niche that is too hard

Choose a niche that is too hard is a risk to your business because you will definitely deal with other competitors who may have been very popular with the niche. You will be competing with websites large and well-known brands that are trusted by the search engines, you may feel ready to compete but it will be something that makes you frustrated, and you should be ready with it.