Application Administration Reservation

9 Apr

Application Administration Reservation hotel management program has various facilities to help the front office personnel in dealing with the state of the rooms booked by guests, or hotel visitor. The use of this program began guests or visitors to the hotel reservation, check-in to check-out. All data is stored and processed by the program. The resulting reports include a program, the reservation module, handle a guest’s stay, whether by personal, corporate, and travel agents (travel agents). Do routine work performed by the reservation module providing services to the guests, among others: make a reservation, updating reservation, or cancel the reservation. Storing digital archives on the reservation module.

Reception module, dealing with guests who came, both of booking and guests who come walk-ins. Do routine work performed by the module reception in providing services to guests, among other things: add data guest’s bill, add data cash all departments, change of room or rate, VIP room service requisition, verification of departure date, early check-in notice, late check out notice, room status, room discrepancy, book arrival, departure book, and so forth. Storing digital archives at reception module. Module information. addressing the guests who are staying at the hotel. Do routine work done in the module information in providing services to the guests, among others: providing a message to a guest, guest messages, forwarding addressed an personal key hotel. Storing digital archives on the module information.