How To Accelerate Healing Process After Surgery

20 Apr

How To Accelerate Healing Process After Surgery

Are you just doing rhinoplasty? What happened? Swelling of your nose? Quiet, it is fair to happen. There are several ways you can do to speed up the healing process, one is to take a walk. For those of you who want to do plastic surgery, you can visit plastic surgeon houston.

– smooth blood circulation reduces swelling faster

Using a hot compress after the nose plastic surgery to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Light stroll including stretching can also accelerate blood circulation which can help the body to drain fluids that cause swelling.

– Avoid subjecting the movement of the head and back, running and stress!

Frequently raised and lowered his head or ran excess can have negative effects on your healing process. Usually, it takes one month to the nose can be settled properly. Therefore, excessive exercise should be avoided for at least 3 months. The healing process varies from each person, but usually swelling may disappear after 3-6 months. Do not get too stressed if the swelling does not go away.